Halfway There (Sort of) and An Update

Here we are, four and a half weeks post fall/shoulder (humerus) fracture. In three places. The doctor told me it would take six to eight weeks for the bone to heal. Four weeks down. Four to go. Right? Halfway through recovery. Right? Not exactly. I went to the doctor this week for my follow-up appointment; hopeful for some good news. What I got was what I would call middle of the road news. Not all good. But certainly not all bad. Let’s get the bad out of the way and end on a good note, shall we?

1. No running for at least six more weeks. This one stings. I really thought he was going tell me I could run in four weeks. I was already planning my glorious, one mile run; bright and early on Saturday, April 5th!

No running for at least six more weeks=sad face.

No running for at least six more weeks=sad face.

So for now, I’ll look forward to my next follow-up appointment, on April 22nd, and have faith that he gives me the green light to run again.

2. No physical therapy for two more weeks. Again, I thought he was going to send me on my way to my miracle healer/amazing PT to work hard and get this show on the road. Alas, he wants me to wait two more weeks before starting. The prescription for PT says 12+ weeks. Eek! Whatever it takes; I’m ready.

3. In the meantime, I can walk or ride the stationary bike. That. Is. All.

Okay, that’s pretty much the part that had me in tears. Let’s move on to the good news!

1. I can take the sling off for as long as I’m comfortable during the day. Unless I’m walking and then it has to stay on. My doctor said, “Walk to TriBeCa if you want, but keep the sling on.”

2. I can walk as much as I want and am comfortable with. My doctor said, “Walk to your heart’s content!” So for now, I will take #brokenwing on as many walks as the weather will allow.

#brokenwing and I walked TWO MILES!!!

#brokenwing and I walked TWO MILES when it was 50+ degrees!

2. I can start moving my arm a liiiitle bit more than I could over the last four weeks and start to use it for a few more things. You know, like washing my left arm a bit better. Nothing weight-bearing. At all.

3. I can sleep with the sling off as I’m comfortable. Honestly, this one still scares terrifies me a bit and I’m not sure I’m ready.

4. I have a date in mind for returning to work. I just need to work out a few details. And figure out how to put on makeup. Oh, and get myself dressed. And take public transportation in NYC without getting bumped into. You know, minor details, right?

95% of the time I’m like, wow, I’m just about halfway there. But, if we’re being honest, 5% of the time I’m like HOW am I going to do this for SIX. MORE. WEEKS. At times, six more weeks without running feels like an eternity. Realistically, I know it’s not and will likely go by quickly. So, here’s to positivity and a little more patience!

I remind myself of this every day!

I remind myself of this every day!

As my usual optimistic self, I’ve been celebrating all of the progress I’ve made over the past four and a half weeks. Here are all the ways in which I’ve made progress. Let’s celebrate in list form, sound good?

1. I can get up off the couch/bed will significantly less difficulty and by myself now. It’s like night and day compared to four and a half weeks ago. My legs and core are likely happy to have a break but are probably experiencing atrophy like the rest of my muscles now.

*Wait, we’re celebrating here, I digressed with the muscle atrophy comment. My apologies.

2. I can wash my own face in the morning and at night now. Four weeks ago I couldn’t wash my own face and could barely even brush my own teeth.

3. I can wear a bra once again. I never thought I’d be so excited to put one on. Up until five days ago, I couldn’t do this myself. Now I can. MAJOR VICTORY!!!

4. I’m able to leave the house and go on an adventure each day now. {read: go to Target or the grocery store}. I’ve even taken the ride to the airport a bunch of times to pick up our aunt and pick up or drop off our father. (This one hurts a little but feels great to be out of the house for so long)

5. I’m almost completely off pain killers now. I only need one to sleep because the nights are still the hardest/most uncomfortable/painful.

6. I got my eyebrows waxed. I got a pedicure. I shaved my legs; once two weeks ago, once last week and it’s on the agenda for tomorrow. Don’t worry I shaved my legs before the pedicure. I also only needed minimal help to shave my legs. Just one little spot I can’t reach on my own.

7. I can get in and out of the car by myself now. I only need help putting on my seat belt. I can almost do that part by myself too.

8. I saved the best for last: I CAN FINALLY SHOWER AND GET DRESSED BY ALL BY MYSELF. My left arm remains questionably clean but, whatever, what do I really do in a day? And now, #brokenwing can start pitching in a little more.

All in all, I’ve made leaps and bounds of progress over the past four and a half weeks. Most days of the week, that’s what I’ve been focusing on. With that said, I really miss running. And Refine Method. And Flywheel. And feeling strong and fit, in general. But living vicariously through my friends and my brother (who runs his first half marathon next weekend) has actually been helpful.

Taken right before he ran 10 MILES for the first time EVER!!!!! I'm SO proud of him!

Taken right before he ran 10 MILES for the first time EVER!!!!! I’m SO proud of him!

My running buddy “takes me on her long run” with her every Saturday and it’s been a really fun way to feel like we’re spending the time running together. I can’t wait until we’re reunited for our first real run together again. If she can physically run that slowly. And wait that long.

Can't beat "running" by the water!

Can’t beat “running” by the water!

My running buddy is cuter than yours is!

My running buddy is cuter than yours is!

I’ve been living with my amazing friends and family for the past four plus weeks. They have taken such good care of me. I don’t know if I’ll ever find the right words to say thank you.

I’m scared to go back home and live alone. I still can’t put my own hair up, cook or clean or do laundry. At some point, over the next week, I’ll figure out how to do all of these things and eventually go back to living on my own.

Watch out NYC, #brokenwing and I will be back for good in no time!

Watch out NYC, #brokenwing and I will be back for good in no time!

One of the hardest parts of this whole experience, besides the obvious (pain, inactivity, etc) is that I’ve missed my friends terribly. I can’t begin to express just how wonderful they’ve all been. Checking on me every day. Chatting with me via text in the morning, during the day and at night. Face timing with me. I really couldn’t have asked for better friends. I definitely couldn’t have gotten through the past four and a half weeks without them. They lift my spirit. They make me laugh. They make me smile. They remind me that this is a bump in the road. They remind me how determined I am and that I’ll bounce back from this; stronger than ever. I’m grateful for them every single day.

This is the most of them I could find in one picture! There are even more; I'm a very lucky girl!

This is the most of them I could find in one picture! There are even more; I’m a very lucky girl!

*Best of luck to everyone, and my teammates, racing the NYC Half, Gate River Run, Shamrock Half or any other race this weekend!*

*For those running the NYC Half Marathon, #brokenwing and I, and a bunch of my amazing friends, will be cheering for you on the WEST SIDE (your RIGHT) of 52nd Street and 7th Avenue!*

Tell Me.

Any tips for doing your hair with one hand? When it’s not naturally straight and shiny and frizz-free.

Have you ever had an injury that almost 100% completely takes you away from the things that you love? How did you spend your time?

6 thoughts on “Halfway There (Sort of) and An Update

  1. I spend my time with walks, wine, beer (LOTS of beer), frozen yogurt, books, magazines and crying. Don’t try the last one. So I guess my best advice is drink more and enjoy getting to sleep in without feeling guilty! It grows on your eventually. Haha.

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