Accidents Happen

Broken wing in 3 places.

Broken wing in 3 places and a TON of swelling in my arm.

Saturday, I fell 0.03 miles into an 8 mile run and broke my shoulder (actually the top of the humerus bone) in three places. Needless to say, with 6-8 weeks of recovery and A LOT of physical therapy ahead of me, I’m out for the spring racing season.

Thankfully, after several X-rays and an MRI, I found out on Tuesday that I do not need surgery. Insert a huge sigh of relief.

I’ve been quiet on social media this week. It’s actually how one of my friends knew something could be wrong. I have felt very disconnected. What would I say? I put on my own underwear and pants today?

I wasn’t ready to tell the “world” quite yet. But I suppose the time has come.

The quick version of the story is I fell. I almost recovered the fall. Then all of a sudden things happened so fast and the next thing I knew I smacked the ground; crashing down on my right arm. Picture putting your arm straight up in the air; that’s how I fell. Poor Steph watched the whole thing happen. Thank goodness she was running with me. She took me to the doctor, the ER and stayed with me until I left the hospital. I’m grateful beyond words to have her in my life and to have been running with her that day.

I can’t take care of myself at the moment. I’ve been staying with one of the most incredible friends I could ever ask for. She helps me shower. She helps me get dressed. She helps make me breakfast so I can take my pain medication. This is very humbling. And painful. But it will heal and after what I’ve been told is a long and painful recovery with A LOT of physical therapy I’m expected to make a full recovery. Needless to say, there won’t be any 10 kg kettlebell squats with overhead presses at Refine Method anytime soon. However, the good news is the doctor thinks I could be up and possibly running in about a month or so.

I have incredible friends and family. For all of them I am extremely grateful. I have so many people who love me. Who have been taking care of me. Who check in on me every day. Who come visit me. I’m hoping in a few more days the pain will subside enough to stop taking the pain medications. I’m not sure how long it will be before I can go back to living alone but I continue to take it one day at a time. I’m thankful for strong legs and, surprisingly, a stronger core than I thought I had (thank you Refine Method) that help me move around and get up off the couch.

I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to run my brother’s first half marathon with him. I disappointed that I won’t be racing Cherry Blossom. Again. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon, and attempt a PR, with all of my friends. But you better believe I’ll be out there cowbelling for my brother and all of my friends.

This is simply a bump in the road. In reality, this could have been much worse. I didn’t tear any tendons or ligaments in my shoulder. I don’t need surgery and I’m expected to make a full recovery. It’s certainly going to be a lengthy road to a full recovery but my head is up, and my good wing is out!

21 thoughts on “Accidents Happen

  1. Walt Disney once said all his adversity he ever had, all his troubles, all his obstacles strengthened him. You may not realize it when it happens but you’re going to come out of this stronger than ever! #runforbeth

  2. Hi Beth I’m so sorry to hear about the accident , following a serious RTA. 4 years ago , I started running again and tore a calf muscle badly …it was such a disappointment but hey you do all you can to aid recovery I send you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery , stay positive and be happy it’s great for quick repair ! Best Geoff in the UK !

  3. Your positivity is incredible!! I have all the faith in the world that you’ll come back stronger than ever. Remember, you have millions of friends who love you and will do anything to help you 🙂 Call ANYTIME!! Can’t wait for a wine date soon. Heal up, friend! xoxox

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  6. Hi Beth – just catching up on your news. I’m so so sorry. I hope the pain has subsided a bit and you’re feeling a little better every day. Glad to hear you won’t need surgery. I know you’ll come out of this stronger and more determined than ever.

  7. I’m very late to commenting on your post. I knew you had broken your shoulder but didn’t know exactly what happened. My senior year of college, I slipped and fell on ice breaking my shoulder and arm as well. Then I was also hit by the blasted cyclist and broke my arm last summer. Needless to say I feel your pain with arm injuries. Arm injuries are the freaking worst because you can’t do anything. You feel helpless. I totally get that but I’m happy you are recovering well and strong. I know this is terribly late but I’m proud of how positive you are stayed and you will only come back stronger.

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