Training for My First Marathon: Week 13

This has been another incredible week for which I am extremely grateful. This week brought me another awesome PR. This week I was lucky enough to do my long run with some of my favorite running buddies. This week my runs continued to be strong with little to no discomfort in my leg. I seriously can’t believe I just finished week 13 of training. Lucky 13 continues to be a huge theme for me this year.

Some of my favorite running buddies.

Some of my favorite running buddies.

Week 13

Monday: Yoga AM + Refine Method PM

Two words. Floating. Lunges. These are no joke. Your foot is behind you in the handle of a suspension strap and you are lunging. Enough said. As always, Refine Method continues to kick my ass, make me stronger, and improve my ability to run up hills; something I’m certain will come in handy in just five, short weeks.

Tuesday: 5 easy + strides

This run was glorious. No leg pain. Crisp fall morning. 5 easy miles. You couldn’t ask for a better morning run. It was pretty much fall running perfection. The strides felt faster than they actually were again, but all in all this was a near perfect run and I cannot complain. And after a speedy 5th Avenue Mile just two days before, I was really happy with the way my legs could pick it up for the strides. This run actually ended up being 6 miles with the strides and the run back home from Central Park because it was so chilly. I was running in a tank top and shorts in barely 50 degree temperatures. Amazing for running. Not so amazing for walking home after your run, so I picked it up and ran the rest of the way home.

Strides: 7:05, 6:55, 7:22, 6:58                      

Wednesday: Flywheel

Only Danielle can take me from wanting to take a nap on my couch to pumped up and rocking out on a bike in under five minutes. This class was all around awesome. Awesome instructor. Awesome music. Awesome energy.

Thursday: 6 mile tempo run

For the record, I really don’t like tempo runs. The confidence they give you when executed perfectly, sure, I’m all about that, but I really hate them while I’m doing them. My schedule called for a 1 mile warm up, 4 miles at 9:20 and a 1 mile cool down. This. Run. Was. Amazing. Throw your hands in the air, scream HECK YEAH, and smile for the rest of the day, amazing. I NAILED IT! I loved this run when it was over. Obviously.

Tempo miles: 9:19, 9:18, 9:15 (on the West Side rolling hills in Central Park), 9:20

Friday: Rest Thank goodness.

After another hard week of training, I was very much looking forward to this rest day. I went out Friday night to celebrate Abby’s 30th Birthday and engagement.

I, once again, #drank all the wine (oops!) and had the BEST time with my friends. I really feel so grateful for the people who have come into my life in the last year and a half. They make me better. They make my life better. They make everything better.

I'm one lucky girl to have these people in my life!

Left to right: Allison, Nicole, Me, Abby, Leticia and Steph

(photo credit to Leticia)

Saturday: 3 easy

Also known as the day I drank all the water to make up for drinking all the wine. These miles felt effortless. I actually had to continually slow myself down to keep the run at my easy pace. The BEST feeling the day before a race and 18 mile run. My feet were definitely angry at me for wearing heels Friday night but my legs were ready to run.

East River miles on a perfect fall day!

East River miles on a perfect fall day! See you in 35 days, old friend.

Sunday: 18 miles. Bronx 10 Mile + 8 miles

Sunday brought me an 8 minute and 25 second PR  at the Bronx 10 Mile and some of the strongest miles I’ve run during this training cycle.

Best 18 mile run ever!

I know I’ve only run two, but best 18 mile run ever!

I had 18 miles on my schedule for the day, as did many of my friends. We decided to run the Bronx 10 Mile and then run back to the city along the New York City Marathon course. Running along the marathon course was beyond exciting. And also somewhat terrifying. I am not going to lie, that is not an easy race finish. 5th Avenue and the last 3 miles of the race in Central Park are tough when you’re tired. I’m hoping the insane crowd support, and the adrenaline from the prospect of finishing my first marathon, propel me to the finish line come November 3rd.

Total Mileage: 33 miles

This week and month by the numbers:

We all know how much runners I love numbers.

Bronx 10 Mile bib # 8226: 26 has always been a lucky number for me and my family. It was the number of the house I grew up in. Add the numbers together=18. I’ve written at length about the significance of the number 18 is in the Jewish religion.

Lucky bib 8226

Lucky bib 8226

Cab # 6N13: Lucky 13 again. The number of the cab we took to the start of the Bronx 10 mile. Although the cab ride was awful (the complete opposite of lucky), and we feared we wouldn’t make it there in one piece, it proved to be a great day.

Miles run in September: 126.2. I’ll take the last three numbers of that mileage as a good sign as I go into my last month of training for my first marathon.

1:41:18: Finishing time of the Bronx 10 mile. There’s that number 18 yet again.

13 weeks down. 5 weeks to go. This whole, I’m actually running a marathon, thing is starting to feel very real. The fact that there are only 35 days standing between me and the starting line of my first marathon makes me ridiculously excited and crazy nervous. Ultimately, it reminds me how incredible it feels to DREAM BIG and believe in yourself.

Tell Me.

Best advice for someone running their first marathon?

Favorite new song on your running playlist?

How’s your training going? How many days left to go?


9 thoughts on “Training for My First Marathon: Week 13

  1. Currently loving What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder and Royals by Lorde. Also, while it’s not necessarily the best for running, Hurt Me Tomorrow by K’Naan is awesome. I love a lot of his songs!

    LOVE your number obsession! I totally get it, and love 13, too, as you well know!!

    And… again, you impress me with your killer training and awesome attitude. I love reading your recaps because you keep it real but have such an overwhelmingly positive attitude 🙂 Definitely needed it this past week!

  2. Congrats. I love this post. So exciting. Yay first marathons nothing like it and NYC will be amazing. I did 18 this weekend too in 3 hours. we would make good running buddies lol 🙂

    Ok, so first marathon advice, I am only coming up on my second in November (Philly) but I have to say that I loved running it with someone. I had two friends that ran with me for some miles (I am not sure if that is possible in NYC). We did not talk but it was great to share in the experience with someone and have the motivation. If you can’t do that, I would have to say know how you are getting home. If u live in NYC it is probably easier, mine was MCM and getting out was soooo hard. I was pretty sick by that time and just wanted to get home. I was so worried about getting to the race but I wish I had thought about how I was going to get home it took us like 3 hours to go what should have been 20 minutes to where we were staying

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