Training for My First Marathon: Week 12

WEEK 12!?! Wait, what? How did THAT happen? Running felt glorious again this week. For the first time in almost a month, I didn’t think about my leg during every run. The theme of this week seemed to be a strong, fast finish. That’s the point after all, isn’t it? Finish strong. This week I can say with 100% certainty that I finished strong. Tuesday I finished my progression run with a fast mile.

Fast. Well, for me anyway!

Fast. Well, for me anyway!

Thursday I ran my last mile even faster than Tuesday.

Faster. Oh, hey there Bethesda Fountain! You beauty.

Faster. Oh, hey there Bethesda Fountain! You beauty.

Saturday I finished my run with four fast strides and Sunday, well, I ran the 5th Avenue Mile; enough said.

This week was AMAZING. This week I loved running. This week I believed in myself. This week I started to think to myself, I CAN DO THIS!

Week 12

Monday: Yoga AM + Refine Method PM

This week’s Refine Method class was a home run. Truth be told I love being sore. And this week left me very sore. I love that feeling from working hard and knowing that my muscles are growing stronger with every squat, lunge and single leg dead lift. And there were A LOT of them this week. I love knowing that each movement will make running the Queensboro Bridge, at mile 15 of the marathon, that much easier in just 6 short weeks.

Tuesday: 7 mile progression run

This run was one of those runs that leaves you high on life and feeling on top of the world. One of those runs where you throw you hands up in the air and scream “YES!” when you finish. One of those runs that leaves you feeling like “I can do this.” One of those runs that leaves you reminiscent of exactly why you love running.

Progression miles: 9:44, 9:24, 9:12, 8:53 *HECK YES*

Wednesday: Flywheel

Kim, Allison and I signed up for the, not to be missed, ONE HOUR dual ride with the fabulous Danielle and Ryan. This class was off the charts AWESOME! Those two rock, always. You seriously have so much fun with them. So much fun that you forget you are getting your ass kicked in a class that leaves you drenched in your own sweat when it’s over.

Thursday: 7 miles

Views like this make early morning runs totally worth it!

Views like this make early morning runs totally worth it!

To me, this run sounded like “hey, enjoy your nice easy run and then FU!” When I read that my training plan called for 6 easy miles with the last mile at 8:50, I was like no way can I do that. I completely shocked myself when I finished that mile in 8:34. I know I ran it too fast and pushed harder than I needed to but I think I needed it, mentally, with the 5th Avenue Mile coming up on Sunday.

Friday: Rest. Very. Much. Needed.

Also known as the night I ate pizza and drank #allthewine with Allison, Ashley and Nicole. I stayed up way past my bedtime and it was worth every second. I had the best night with my incredible friends.

All. The. Wine.

All. The. Wine.

Saturday: 4 easy miles + 4 strides

I realized after Saturday’s run, and a little chat with the Coach, that I’ve been doing these all wrong. I thought I was supposed to incorporate the strides into my last mile. Oops! Apparently, they are supposed to be after the 4 miles. What can I say? I’m still very much a rookie when it comes to running. Lesson learned. Strides: 6:36, 7:06, 7:02, 7:02 I was happy with these but also sort of bummed because I thought they were faster. Seriously though, no complaints out of this girl.

Sunday: 12 miles total; 5th Avenue Mile + 11 miles

I ran a one mile warm up to the race start, with Kim who had already run 8 miles, and we met up with Allison, Nicole and Abby. Kim and Abby started in the heat before us and so Nicole, Allison and I hung around until our heat started; trying to keep loose. I ended up PR-ing the race by 38 seconds; running it in 7:36. After the race was over, my lungs were burning and I couldn’t stop coughing, but there were still 10 more miles to be run. Steph met us at the race finish and she, Kim, Allison and I were off. We ran up the East River, through beautiful Central Park and out to the West Side Highway. We ran down the West Side running path, back up and then through the park again to finish up our run on the East Side.

First day of fall in Central Park.

First day of fall in Central Park

Most of the miles flew by. I felt myself struggling a little bit around mile 10 but Kim gave me a couple of Gu chomps and I instantly felt much better. My long run, after the 5th Avenue Mile last year, was completely awful and this long run went much better. I wouldn’t say it was easy, but definitely better than expected.

Total Mileage: 30 miles

12 weeks down. 6 weeks to go. It’s really hard to believe, and extremely exciting to think, that only 42 days stand between me and my first marathon. I literally can’t wait!

I’ll leave you with this awesome thought from Lauren Fleshman…..

Tell Me.

Have you ever raced a one mile race? Love it or hate it?

Have you ever had to hang around for hours before the start of a marathon? How do you fuel?


10 thoughts on “Training for My First Marathon: Week 12

  1. I’ve never raced a mile against anyone other than myself :). I like it as a warm up for cross training days. Gets the blood pumping. When I ran the Disney World Marathon there was about 2.5 hours between the time I got in line for a bus and the time the race started. I ate a banana before hopping on a bus and then I had a bottle of water and a cliff bar that I slowly consumed until about 45 minutes before starting time. It’s always good to practice fueling before race day, that way you know what will work for you. Good Luck!

  2. Ahhh I want to run a mile race so much! Definitely signing up for the Fifth Avenue Mile next year 🙂

    As always, AWESOME training!!! I am so glad you are having these strong weeks right now. It’s not only making your body stronger, it’s making your mind stronger, and even if I haven’t run a marathon before, I’m pretty sure the mind is the most important component of those last 6 miles. I know you’re going to finish SO strong in November!

  3. Amazing week. So glad I got to share 3 of those training days with you! Keep up the good work, my friend! You’re going to destroy QB and rock the NYCM.

  4. You can do this!! Way to go on a great training week!! I would love to run a mile race but don’t know of one in my area. I will have to see if I can find one! 🙂

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