Training for My First Marathon: Week 11

I had high hopes, after successfully running my first 20 miler last weekend, that my legs would finally feel back to normal this week. After two weeks of extra foam rolling, icing, compression socks, the stick and the little green ball of torture, I am happy to report that my legs are feeling significantly better; still not 100% but much better. I suppose that perhaps these aches and pains are here for the duration of training?

How many torture devices does one runner need?

How many torture devices does one runner need?

I most definitely did not get enough sleep this week and by the end of the week my body felt it. Friday night I barely made it awake past 9pm. In actuality, I might not have even made it to 9pm. That’s certainly a goal for week 12 of training; make sleep more of a priority.

Monday: Refine Method

I skipped my beloved Monday morning yoga in favor of an extra hour of sleep and truthfully because I woke up to a super sore left shin. Yep, you heard me correctly, left shin! The aches and pains from my right leg had moved to the left leg. I think that’s a good sign indicating just some muscle tightness and nothing more serious. I wore my compression sleeves for the majority of the day and by the evening felt good enough to go to Refine Method with Allison. I couldn’t let her be tortured alone, after all. To my surprise and delight, my legs felt even better and looser after class than they had all day.

Tuesday: 6 miles speedwork

4x800s in 1 million percent humidity. Again. Has anyone else noticed that it’s insanely humid EVERY Tuesday? That last 800 nearly killed me. I may or may not have heaved a little after that one. Thank goodness for water fountains.

Oh, and I got a text around 2pm from Abby letting me know this happened…..and totally made my day!

Wednesday: Yoga

I traded in my regularly scheduled Flywheel for some yoga. I typically spin after work on Wednesdays but I had plans to attend a super awesome party, hosted by Oiselle, celebrating how they CRUSHED the RUNway at Fashion Week.

Me, Lauren Fleshman and Steph are basically BFFs now!

Me, Lauren Fleshman and Steph are basically BFFs now!

I needed to sweat in the morning and I was too tired lazy to set a 5am alarm. I think my body was thankful for the extra hour of sleep, easier workout and all of the stretching. I hadn’t done yoga in two weeks and my body felt it.

Thursday: 6 miles easy

After only five hours of sleep Wednesday night, this run started out ROUGH. My legs were a little angry about the 5 inch heels I wore to the Oiselle party and I was definitely dehydrated. Thankfully, my body really loosened up and I was able to finish this one strong. Nothing screams dehydration like chugging water out of ALL of the water fountains in Central Park. Chugging. You could imagine how much stomach felt. After also chugging my chocolate milk post run, and A LOT of iced coffee, I had some lemon-lime Nuun and felt much better.

Friday: 10 miles

I did my long run on Friday this week to get it done before Yom Kippur. Even though it was a cutback week, and I only had 10 miles on the schedule, I knew this would feel much better before fasting for 24 hours rather than after. And this way it was off my mind and I could focus solely on the meaning of the holiday. A major thank you to Allison who decided it would be a great idea to get her long run done early this week as well and ran most of my miles with me. Miles just fly by when you are with one of your favorite running buddies.

Saturday: Rest (Yom Kippur)

Sunday: 4.2 recovery miles

I wanted to scream from the rooftops at the end of this run. I was only supposed to run 3 miles but between feeling insanely inspired by the strong, amazing races at Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly and my legs feeling better than they have in weeks, I felt like I could have run FOREVER today. I have been waiting for this kind of run for weeks. WEEKS. Don’t get me wrong, despite the lingering discomfort in my leg, my runs have been pretty good. I’m certainly not complaining. But a run with no discomfort? I haven’t had one of those since my fantastic 18 mile run, 3 weeks ago. As I was running, I was calculating how many miles I had for the week and, obviously, had to add on that last 0.2 for good measure, right?

Total Mileage: 26.2

*It’s incredible to think that in just 7 short weeks I will run this in ONE DAY!*

I am really happy with the improvement I felt in my legs this week. I hope it’s a sign of good things to come.

Just a quick story before I leave you. I was on my way home, with my Father, on Friday afternoon and the driver asked me about the New York City Marathon and the course. As I described the part of the race where you enter Central Park, and explained the last three miles, I got the chills and teared up a little bit. This is all starting to get very real. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s still to come. 11 weeks down. 7 weeks to go.

I hope to be tearing up HERE; 7 weeks from today!

I hope to be tearing up HERE 7 weeks from today!

Major congratulations to the incredible NYC Runner Army, Abby, Ashley, Ashley, Meggie, Gia, Julianne, Theodora, Amanda, Dani, Michele, Jen, Jessica and Lora, who had some killer races at Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly today. You’re such an inspiration!

Tell Me.

When did you start to visualize actually running your first marathon?

Are lingering aches and pains normal during marathon training?


7 thoughts on “Training for My First Marathon: Week 11

  1. So exciting about the race!! You are going to rock it. Marathon training is rough. Yea you get those aches and pains. If they linger too long get them checked better safe….I started visualizing it once I was listening on tape to Dean K 50 by 50 I would listen while I worked out. It had great tips and stories. I could not get enough

  2. I am so excited for you! Stay vigilant about the aches and pains lest anything turns into a *thing* — but also know that it’s totally normal. Err on the side of rest and have fun!

  3. Aches and pains are my middle name right now!! SO glad you had one of those fantastic, “I could run forever” runs Despite some aches, the last 10 miles of my twenty miler were pretty fantastic on Wednesday 🙂 I love the runs that make you feel strong! And I cannot wait to cheer you on at NYC!!!!!

  4. Very exciting! I have some friends who are running the NYC Marathon. I hope to one day run a marathon! I think I started visualizing it after I signed up for my second half marathon (which was R’n’R Philly this past weekend).

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