Thoughts at the Beginning of a New Year

Last week, my family and I celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I always find myself very introspective at the beginning of a new year. More so at the start of the Jewish New Year than at the turn of the American calendar year. Maybe it’s because fall always feels like a fresh start (a side effect of spending many years in school) or because Rosh Hashanah always falls so close to my birthday. I can’t be entirely certain. But as I think about the year that has passed, I find myself thinking about the ways that I’ve grown, what I’ve learned and how I want to continue to grow in the coming new year.

This has been an amazing year……

I have gone outside my comfort zone.

 I have looked fear in the face.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

I have done things I’ve never done.

On November 3rd, I will do something I've never done!

On November 3rd, I will do something I’ve never done!

I have taken chances.

SUCH an honor!

Go Fast. Take Chances.

So what have I learned?

I’ve learned that hard work, determination and perseverance absolutely do pay off.

The BEST brother in the world!

The BEST brother in the world! Waiting for me at the finish line.

I’ve learned that sometimes you need someone (or in my case, more than one someone) to believe in you before you can believe in yourself.

I’ve learned that having support, love and encouragement can be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals.

So lucky to have these incredible people in my life!

So lucky to have these incredible people in my life!

I’ve learned that I’m braver, stronger and faster than I think I am.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” -A.A. Milne

I’ve learned that achieving a goal, big or small, feels amazing and I always want to be working towards something.

I’ve learned that you can learn something new, make new friends, take new chances and change anything about yourself at any age.

Some incredible new friends!

Some amazing new friends!!

I’ve learned that it is YOU who creates your own happiness in your life and you can’t look to others to make you happy.

I’ve learned that finding something you truly love to do can change your life.

I’ve learned that being flexible and willing to change and learn and listen can also be life changing.

I’ve learned that running makes me feel alive and whole. It makes life full of possibilities.

I’ve learned that you are never too old to DREAM BIG.

One of my favorite quotes!

One of my favorite quotes!

I’ve learned how important it is to sometimes do things for YOU and the people who love you most in life will understand and actually be proud of you for doing it.

I think, most importantly, I’ve learned to always, always, always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Incredible things are possible once you do.

What a difference a year makes. I’ve run 4 half marathons this year and I’m getting ready to run #6. I’ve PR’d the half marathon, the 10 mile (only by mere seconds, but a PR is a PR, right?), the 10k (watch out sub-60, I’m coming for you), and the 5k. I was the Featured Chobaniac. I was featured as a Women’s Running Blogger on the Run. I’m training for my first marathon. I’m a runner for Oiselle Team.

I’m overwhelmingly grateful for the past year. I’m excited and incredibly hopeful for what’s possible in the year to come. L’Shana Tova (Happy New Year)!

Tell Me.

Do you find yourself reflective around your birthday or at the beginning of a new year?


9 thoughts on “Thoughts at the Beginning of a New Year

  1. L’Shana Tova to you too! I always feel really inspired after Rosh Hashanah services. It always reminds me how much I love going to synagogue but I don’t go enough. I need to work on that because spiritual health is so important!

  2. thanks for the post. this time every year i reflect on what has occurred and set new goals for the coming year. for me, it is rosh hashana, yom kippur and my birthday all within days of each other. i do reflect, and i think similarly to you. thanks again for sharing.

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