Happy One Year Anniversary, Once in a Mile!

One year ago, yesterday, I started Once in a Mile. I never could have imagined the year that would follow…..

So much has happened in the last year since Once in a Mile was born. The ways in which my life has changed are innumerable. The people and experiences that have come into my life, thanks to this blog and being part of this incredible community, are beyond amazing and beyond anything I could have dreamed of just a year ago. Much like running, it has changed my life in so many positive ways. For that, I am extremely grateful.

The leap of faith I took in starting this blog was just the beginning. This year I made an entire group of new friends. I became part of the most amazing running community. I was featured as the Women’s Running Blogger on the Run. I became a runner for Oiselle Team. I am training for my first marathon. It seriously feels like a dream. It is truly incredible what can happen when you ignore the fear of failure and believe in yourself.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

I have dreamed big. I have reached far outside my comfort zone. I have learned that amazing things are possible if you work really, really hard and believe in yourself. I have learned that you create your own happiness in life. I have learned just how much I love running and how much it has changed my life for the better. I have learned that you don’t always achieve your goals on the first, second, or even third try but that you pick yourself up, keep at it, and never, ever give up! I learned that playing it safe, and always fearing failure, is not living your life to the fullest. I’ve learned that it’s okay to fail. After all, that’s how you learn, right? I’ve learned that, instead of waiting for the storm to pass, it really is better to dance (or run) in the rain.

Life changing.

Life changing!

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to commemorate my one year blog anniversary. I ultimately decided I wanted to celebrate by saying thank you to two very special, very patient, supportive, encouraging, incredible people. Two people who have always believed in me; maybe before I believed in myself. I met both of them thanks to Twitter, and this blog, and both have become such dear friends; for them I am grateful every day. I will never find the right words to tell them how much they mean to me and how much better my life is because they are in it.

Besides the regular friend stuff, they are helping me work towards some pretty big, kind of scary, goals. They have encouraged me to DREAM BIG this year.

One of my favorite quotes!

One of my favorite quotes!

I thought I would take this opportunity, on my one year blogiversary, to celebrate and thank my “dream team.” Abby and Kim, I love you both from the bottom of my heart and will never know how to truly thank you for being the friends that you are. I can’t thank you enough for your unwavering love, support and encouragement. I don’t know what I did to deserve friends like you in my life.





If you need a running coach and/or a dietitian, these two are the absolute BEST! Seriously! Are you struggling to reach your goals on your own? HIRE THEM IMMEDIATELY!

Don’t leave me just yet. I decided I wanted to celebrate Once in a Mile in one more sparkly way; with a Sparkly Soul headband giveaway. I hate giveaways that make me do 100 things to enter. So I’ll make this easy. All you have to do to enter is wish Once in a Mile a Happy Anniversary and tell me your favorite color Sparkly Soul headband in the comments. I’ll randomly choose a winner on August 13th because I also don’t like waiting forever to see if I win stuff.

Happy Anniversary, Once in a Mile; it’s been an incredible year!

Thanks Kara Goucher and Women's Running for this incredible message.

I will leave you with this incredible message.


34 thoughts on “Happy One Year Anniversary, Once in a Mile!

  1. Happy anniversary once in a mile!!!! My favorite head band is pink, because you have to look cute while crushing miles 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary!! 🙂 So glad that blogging and Twitter brought us together. This has already been an incredible year for you and I just know it’ll only get better!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I agree you have the BEST dream team. Also, in case I win the sparkly soul headband – I would pick green.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I’m so proud of all you have accomplished in the past year, and I’m so lucky to have met you! LOVE YOU!

    And just in case I happen to win some SS, I think the only colors I don’t have are Gold or Orange! 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary girl! You had an incredible year and I’m sure the next will be filled with many more exciting things!

    I’m in need of a black sparkly headband, so I can wear it to work! My purple one is kinda hard to pull off at the office 😉

  6. Happy Blog-iversary Once in a Mile and Beth! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Many, many happy miles Beth and many more posts too!

    I have had my eye on the neon green Sparkly Soul after seeing Kim’s! =)

  7. Happy 1 year BLOG birthday/anniversary! Congrats on all that you’ve accomplished and THANK YOU for being an inspiration. Love the PINK color sparkle headband!

  8. Happy blogaversary! You’ve accomplished so much and are going to continue to rock your goals!

    I love the sky blue and the neon green is pretty cool too!!!

  9. I’m not sure if you’ve picked already, but I love/want the gold headband!

    Happy blogiversary 🙂 I remember its very first footsteps….

  10. Happy Magical Anniversery!! In the wise words of Disney “Dreams do come true one mile at a time!” Here’s to many many more miles and accomplishments to come, most while sparkling. I’ve been dreaming of any color sparkly soul they sound so awesome (maybe black to match everything)!

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