Go Fast. Take Chances.

Yep! You guessed it. I’m honored, completely humbled and beyond excited to share that I’ll be running for the 2013-2014 Oiselle Team.

Yesterday was one of those incredible days that leaves you incapable of wiping that ridiculous smile off of your face. I’m still walking around smiling like a fool today.

Let’s go back in time a few months. I saw Oiselle tweet that they were accepting applications for the 2013-2014 Oiselle Team. I thought about applying for a long time but never could have dreamed I would be accepted. I love what the company stands for, the community they have created and find myself inspired by their team of runners every day. I decided to email Kristin, the Oiselle Team manager, to request the application. I filled out the application and had long since finished it, yet still hadn’t submitted it. I was way too nervous. After all, I was an overweight cheerleader in high school, not a cross-country superstar. In the past, if I didn’t think I would succeed at something, I often wouldn’t try. Thanks to running, I am no longer that scared, play-it-safe person and much happier for it. Finally, after much encouragement from Abby, I took a leap of faith, a deep breath, hit send and off my application went to Kristin; on the last day we could submit applications. What can I say? I was really nervous. I tried not to think about it over the next month. That was until yesterday. August 1st. The day we were supposed to find out whether or not we were selected to run for Oiselle Team. I saw a girl wearing a shirt with birds on it on the subway on my way to work yesterday and couldn’t help but think maybe it was a sign of good news to come.

I should have asked her where she got her shirt, right?

I should have asked her where she got her shirt, right?

I stalked my email, and the Oiselle Team Twitter account, ALL DAY, text Abby 34387463726 times and finally, just before lunchtime, I checked my email and saw the subject line “2013-2014 Oiselle Volee Team Welcome!” I couldn’t believe it. Did I really just get accepted to run for Oiselle Team? I started reading, “We are so excited and honored to welcome you to Oiselle Team.” I think I was in shock. I immediately text Abby to share the good news with her; I was now a bird too!

I took a leap of faith and got my wings on the way down!

Got my wings and I’m ready to FLY!

I was overwhelmed by the enormously warm welcome all of the new birds received from the rest of the Oiselle Team. I couldn’t be more excited to be among such incredible, inspiring, fast, fearless women. The support and encouragement is like no other.

About Oiselle

From the Oiselle website…..

But for me, and the small family that makes up Oiselle, the sport has always been about something more. At various times it’s our therapy, escape, religion, and girl time. But perhaps simply enough, it’s been our sense of freedom. And thus the name Oiselle (pronounced wa-zell). A French word for bird, it alludes to that feeling of weightlessness that most runners know and love. That sense of flight – when the legs go fast and the heart goes free.

So why a new running apparel company?

Our first year in the market was 2007. However, the idea for Oiselle started several years earlier. After two kids and six years of “just running,” I was ready to train and race again. But what I thought would be a quick trip to the running store to buy new shorts ended in disappointment. Too poofy, too baggy, too high-waisted, and all wrong in the color department.

Over time – and many a long run – that disappointment became an idea. Not only about new women’s running apparel, but also about a new kind of company. One that would draw from my ten years’ experience of branding and marketing for both startups and Fortune 500 companies, and cross-pollinate with the ideas and skills of a select group of partners. So in the end, the question became not so much why a new running apparel company, but why not?

—Sally Bergesen, Founder + CEO

Why are you interested in being a part of the Oiselle team?

I was asked this question on my application for Oiselle Team. My answer was simple. I love what Oiselle stands for. I love the sense of community, strength and support Oiselle represents. I love the overwhelming passion Oiselle has for running. I would be honored to find myself in the company of such strong, determined, incredible women.

Yesterday started with the realization that I ran more than 100 miles in the month of July; a first for me. A few hours later, I received my training plan for the month of August, from my amazing coach, and now fellow teammate, Abby. And by midday, I was a runner for Oiselle Team. Yesterday was the kind of day dreams are made of!

It dawned on me late last night that I will (hopefully) cross the finish line of my first marathon proudly wearing the Oiselle Team singlet. It gave me the chills. I couldn’t be more excited!

Head up. Wings out.

Head up. Wings out.

This company and all of the Oiselle Team birds have inspired me to go fast and take chances this year. I’m thrilled to join the ranks of some amazing women. It’s a true honor. Head Up. Wings Out.


16 thoughts on “Go Fast. Take Chances.

  1. Congratulations!!! What an amazing opportunity! I would love to be on a team like this! Maybe next year! 🙂

  2. Congrats! We are teammates! I feel like I was reading my own post. I was also nervous to submit my application, just ran my first 100 mile month in July (living off that high!) and am running my first full in January. Looking forward to our Oiselle season!

    • Thank you SO MUCH for your thoughtful comment. Congratulations to YOU! I’m so happy to be on your team too. Here’s to an incredible year of racing fast and taking those chances.

  3. Wow! We have so much in common! I was in the EXACT SAME BOAT, submitting my app on the last day, absolutely not expecting to be selected, and shocked beyond shocked to get the email from Kristin. I still don’t believe it! I was never an athlete before picking up running last spring, and now I get to be part of this amazing team?! No way! Good luck with your marathon! Head up, wings out!

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