Training for My First Marathon: Week 4

Alternatively titled: When it’s all going just a little too well. Dramatic? Perhaps!

I know I’m only four weeks into marathon training but so far it’s been going marvelously. Until last week. I know I can’t stress the little things too much because I’ll go crazy for the next 14 weeks but last week was a major kick in the gut/reality check that it all won’t all be unicorns and rainbows until November 3rd. And that’s okay. At least that’s what I kept telling myself last Thursday morning, when it was a PERFECT morning for a run and I took an unplanned rest day for a bitchy right quad AND gained 1.2 pounds to boot.

Yes. I’m trying to lose weight while training for a marathon. I know it won’t be easy but I’m determined; much like training and the marathon itself.

Week 4

Monday: Yoga AM + Refine Method PM

My right quad gave out during a lunge and I didn’t think much of it because I felt fine and was able to continue the workout. Little did I know that it would prove to act like a little bitch for the rest of the week and lead to some not so positive thoughts.

Tuesday: 6 miles (3x1M repeats)

Lord have mercy these are HARD.

Wednesday: Flywheel

Thursday: Unplanned rest day

Also known as the most perfect morning for a run ALL summer! Planned on 6 easy miles with 5-30 second pickups with Stacy but my quad was still acting like a little bitch so I made the smart decision to take a rest day with the hope that it was just extra sore and I wasn’t really hurt. Gotta play it safe; it’s way too early in training to make mistakes.

Friday: Planned rest day

Saturday: 16 miles (6 miles with Jen)

Me and Jen West Side Running Path instagram

Running with friends makes the miles FLY by!

This weekend’s long run was under much more favorable weather conditions than last week’s inferno run. I ran the upper 5 mile loop in Central Park, back up Cat Hill again (hills, hills and more hills), across the 102nd Street Transverse and then I ran west to pick up Jen and head to the west side running path. We ran south a little and then decided to turn around and run north. I was excited to finally run north as I’ve only run south in training cycles past. The views of the George Washington Bridge going north are awesome and you are so close to the water.

GWB from west side running path

The Little Red Lighthouse under the bridge stilll seems so far away….

I’m in heaven when I run near water. Little Red Lighthouse, I’m coming for you in a few weeks! It’s really such an incredible feeling, each week, to run a distance that you have never run before. This may be what I love most about marathon training so far.

Sorry, I had to! I know, I've become that person!

Sorry, I know, I’ve become that person!

I spent the rest of the day lounging poolside and drinking wine with Abby; my favorite way to recover and refuel after a long run.

My favorite way to recover and refuel!

My favorite way to recover and refuel!

Don’t worry, there was some protein, carbohydrates and water mixed in there too.

Sunday: 3 recovery miles

Total Mileage: 25 miles

*Note: I was really excited to go over 30 miles this week. Unfortunately, my quad had another plan in mind. Oh well, there’s 14 more weeks for that, right?

I’ve discussed, many times before, my belief in signs, obsession with numbers and the significance of the number 18 (also my next major milestone in marathon training). Immediately after I finished my run on Saturday I saw a mile 18 sign (from the New York Road Runners long training run going on in Central Park) and an Israel t-shirt. The combination made me feel like it was a sign from above.

After fearing I had possibly pulled my quad for most of the week, Saturday’s 16 mile run left me riding quite the runner’s high again. Training can definitely cause a roller coaster of emotions and I’m only in week FOUR. Uh oh!

The end of week four also brought much inspiration! I finished out week four of training watching the Ironman Lake Placid finish line for HOURS! I watched Michele and Kara become Ironmen! I was in complete awe of all of these amazing people. I completely teared up (and maybe screamed out loud in my apartment) watching my incredible friend Kara cross the finish line. Talk about strong, determined and BRAVE! I thought to myself, if these people can push their minds and bodies for 13 and 16 hours, I can find the strength and determination to run my first marathon. I still can’t fully imagine it but I think I’m getting closer.

Go congratulate Michele and Kara on an absolutely amazing accomplishment. While you’re there, be sure to also wish Kara a very happy birthday (her birthday was the day after the Ironman)!

Tell Me.

How do you prevent yourself from freaking out over aches and pains?

What inspires YOU?

What’s your favorite song on your running playlist at the moment? I need some new tunes. 18 miles is a long way to run.

4 thoughts on “Training for My First Marathon: Week 4

  1. Congrats on a great week! I too toned down my running last week after getting a head cold. Training for the Tulsa, OK marathon starts next week and I’m excited to get back in the grind I marathon training.

    I recently put Tom Petty’s “I won’t back down” on my playlist and it is an awesome running song. Sometimes I just listen to it on repeat.

  2. congrats on this week of training!! its those bad weeks that definitely make you appreciate the good sooo much more! i live right by the GW bridge and running the west side path downtown is so great!

  3. Thank you for the shoutout my friend! Have I mentioned how proud I am of you for doing this? WOOHOO!! Also, I have a great idea…we should meet on the GW for a run sometime! Thoughts? That way I can park my car for free on the Jersey side and run to meet you for a jaunt through NYC. Win-win! 🙂

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