Training for My First Marathon: Week 3

Despite it feeling like we literally lived on the equator, last week was an, all around, outstanding week! The third week of NYC Marathon training took me outside my comfort zone and left me feeling like I’m finally training for something more than a half marathon. Notice I didn’t say it left me feeling like I’m marathon training because I’m positive it gets way harder than this week.

I worked hard this week. My workouts left me yearning for my rest day on Friday; which, if you’re working hard enough, is the way you’re supposed to feel. I think.

This was a week of many exciting firsts. First 14 mile run ever. First time running two loops of Central Park. First time my weekly mileage was higher than 25 miles. It left me feeling pretty amazing and riding a serious runner’s high.

I felt strong this week. Strong during Refine Method when I was doing step-ups with what felt like 1 million pounds of kettle bells. Strong when I took a Flywheel class the same day as said Refine Method class. Strong during my run when I ran up Harlem Hill in Central Park for the second time. At mile 9 of a 14 mile run. Strong when, within an hour after my 14 mile run, I showered, ate and escaped the heat of NYC with some friends and spent the day poolside at my parent’s house. Not so strong when I was in bed by 9pm Saturday night. Strong when, the day after my first 14 mile run, my legs were able to carry me through a 3 mile recovery run.

I felt grateful this week. I’m grateful for all of the friends in my life; old and new. I’m grateful that Twitter not only made it possible to get to know a couple of great people better but to also escape the sweltering heat of Manhattan and spend the day relaxing at my parent’s pool.

I’m grateful for the overwhelming amount of support, encouragement and well wishes I received via Twitter before, during and after my first 14 mile run. You guys rock!

I’m grateful for a peaceful, beautiful day at the beach on Sunday with a special friend.

Perfect beach day!

Perfect beach day!

I’m grateful for these legs and this body; which I used to hate and cry over and feel so self conscious about. These legs and this body that carried me through a week of tough workouts and my first 14 mile run ever.

I’m grateful for the ever growing group of incredible runners that have come into my life in the past year and a half and for our super fun and uplifting Runner Happy Hour this week.

Such an incredible community!

From the last Runner Happy Hour because the picture came out AWFUL this time!

From after this Runner Happy Hour with some of my favorite people!

From after this Runner Happy Hour with some of my favorite people!

Last, but certainly not least, I am beyond grateful for my dear friend, and almost officially certified run coach, Abby. She encourages me, supports me, pushes me, inspires me, believes in me and loves me for exactly who I am. I don’t know if I will ever have the right words to tell her just how much she means to me and how grateful I feel to have her in my life.

For all of these amazing things, I am extremely grateful.

Week 3

Monday: Morning yoga + Refine Method

I took the day after my vacation off from work and it was quite possibly one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I did yoga, went to Refine Method with Liz, leisurely drank iced coffee and a highly overpriced juice from Juice Generation. I had lunch with Liz and Allison, went grocery shopping, did laundry, cooked dinner for myself and even made my lunch for work the next day. It was an absolutely glorious day. Hot, but glorious.

Tuesday: 6 miles (tempo)

Wednesday: Refine Method AM + Flywheel PM

*Note: I would never normally do these two workouts in one day but Runner Happy Hour was on Thursday and I didn’t want to skip my 2nd strength workout again this week. I don’t recommend it. I’m tired just writing about it.*

Thursday: 6 easy miles

This was, perhaps, the hottest day of the week up until that point (Friday and Saturday would prove to be way worse). My run went pretty well, seeing as it was an easy run, but left me feeling very queasy and dehydrated. It took a couple of hours, and chugging a bottle of lemon-lime Nuun, to finally feel back to normal again.

Grateful that this is the reward for getting up to run at the crack of dawn!

Central Park at sunrise; you had me at hello!

Grateful that this is the reward for waking up at the crack of dawn, on quite possibly the hottest day of the year, to run!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 14 miles

Saturday morning I woke up at 5AM and was out the door by 5:45AM; a necessary evil when it’s 83 degrees before the sun comes up. I froze my water bottle the night before and I think it was completely melted before mile 4. My original plan was to run the Queensboro Bridge into Queens and then the Pulaski Bridge into Brooklyn and then either the Manhattan or Williamsburg Bridge back to Manhattan. When I realized it would feel like 3 million degrees during my run, and after the dehydration incident on Thursday, I thought it would be smarter to stick to Central Park and the plethora of water fountains. I had also intended on one loop of Central Park and out to the West Side running path but with the sun beginning to peak through I made the decision to tough it out and run two loops of Central Park. I never thought I would ever do this! It was surprisingly easier and went by much faster than I had feared.

Beauty in Central Park

Beauty in Central Park just before my second climb of Harlem Hill at MILE 9!

I would like to also note that I have never wanted to jump in the public pools at the top of Central Park more than I wanted to on Saturday morning. Both times around. They looked so refreshing. Alas, I did not.

Sorry, I had to! I've never run 14 miles before!

Sorry, I had to! I’ve never run 14 miles before!

Sunday: 3 recovery miles along the East River

HOW can you not feel grateful for a view like this?

HOW can you not feel grateful for a view like this?

Nothing better than having your feet in the ocean after a hard week of training……

Nothing better!

What’s better than this?

Total Mileage: 29 miles ***Highest weekly mileage to date***

I have really been enjoying the first three weeks of training and can’t believe that I’m about to begin week four. Although, to be totally truthful, after my long run on Saturday, I wondered how on earth can I run another 12.2 miles. I still can’t picture it, but I can’t wait to continue on this adventure and see what I’m capable of. A quick reminder from my Coach tonight, as I freaked out a little about the thought of 16 miles, or almost 3 hours of running, that it’s only another 20 minutes! How can you not be grateful for a Coach like that?

Continuing to Dream Big over here……

Tell Me.

How is your training going?

East Coasters, did you get to escape the equator like conditions this weekend?

When were you finally able to visualize actually running your first marathon?

Tell me something you’re grateful for this week? It can be as simple as this week’s highs only in the 80s in NYC!


8 thoughts on “Training for My First Marathon: Week 3

  1. What a great week! That’s awesome. I’m also training for my first marathon, but still easy on the mileage since it’s isn’t until November. This past week was ROUGH with the heat but supposedly relief is coming? (Fingers crossed!)

  2. You are AMAZING and 14 MILES and SO MANY GOOD THINGS are going to keep happening to you as you kick ass and work hard for them! And that’s all I have to say before I hit the books again 🙂 #youinspiremesomuch

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