Training for My First Marathon: Week 2

Last week was truly amazing. I went to Nantucket on vacation. Since first going there in the summer of 2005, I’ve never once gone for a run. I’ve always favored lazy mornings of babies, and coffee with friends on the patio, over running. This is the first summer where I laced up my New Balance not only once but twice.



My first run took me just over 2 miles down Surfside Road to Surfside Beach. I’ve never been a big fan of an out and back but when it’s on a bike path filled with runners and cyclists and ends at a beach you really can’t go wrong.

How can you not feel grateful for this?

How can you not feel grateful for this?

The second run was my 12 mile long run which again took me to one of Nantucket’s beautiful, peaceful beaches. I only wish every long run could include a beach. It was incredible to escape the heat and humidity of New York City and run around the island with a beautiful breeze and gorgeous views of nature.

Love Hydrangeas!

I Love Hydrangeas!

In fact, during my long run, I saw 11 bunnies (really teeny, cute ones), 2 swans and a deer. Not to mention two ponds and a beach at mile 7.

So peaceful!

So peaceful!

It was one of the most amazing, peaceful, outstanding long runs I’ve had in a long time. I can’t believe I’ve never run there before.

Happy Place!

Happy Place!

Week 2

Monday: yoga + TRX

Tuesday: 5 miles (speedwork: 4x800s…I think I’m starting to love these)

Wednesday: Rest (travel day) unless you count a little frisbee on the beach as cross training

Thursday: 6 easy miles (again missed my 2nd strength workout because of vacation)

Friday: Rest

Prepping for 12 miles run Nantucket style! Lobster and wine of course!

Prepping for 12 miles Nantucket style!

*To prepare for Saturday’s long run I ate lobster and drank wine. I highly recommend this long run preparation method!*

Saturday: 12 miles (plus a walk on the beach collecting shells, frolicking in the ocean and a little more frisbee on the beach)

Perfect long run!

Perfect long run!

Sunday: A little bicycle riding (on a real bicycle and not a spin bike), 2.2 mile walk to the beach and 2.2 mile run/walk back with family friends (way better than a recovery run)

Total Mileage: 23 miles (without Sunday’s miles)

I wish I never had to leave…..

Week 2 of training marked the last week in my comfort zone. Next week’s long run is 14 miles and will be my first run longer than a half marathon (well I’ve technically run 13.4 miles; we really overran the course at the Brooklyn Half Marathon). My long run went great this week and left me feeling like I could keep going. I’m definitely way more excited than nervous for the week ahead. I thought I would be extremely freaked out by the prospect of running 14 miles, but I literally can’t wait!

Tell Me.

Do you run while on vacation?

Do you get more excited or nervous to run a distance farther than you have before?

If you live on the East Coast, how are you dealing with this ridiculous heat wave?




7 thoughts on “Training for My First Marathon: Week 2

  1. You’re adorable. That picture is killing me! And I’m so impressed at how you rocked training while on vacation!! You’re going to nail that 14 miler this weekend, regardless of the weather!

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