Thoughts from a 5K

Never in a million years did I think I would be the person who races a 5K in the middle of a 12 mile training run. Until a few weeks ago. I signed up for the NYCRUNS Riverside Park 5K high on the PR from the Riverside Park Hot Chocolate 5K back in February. I may have also convinced Liz, after a couple glasses of sangria, to join me. Sneaky!

Note to self: Remove towels before bathroom selfies!

Note to self: Remove towels before bathroom selfies!

My plan was simple. I really had no plan. Would it be nice to PR again? Sure! When is it NOT nice to PR? But I didn’t really care much about the race. It was nice to join in some of the racing festivities going on that weekend, with so many friends racing both the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon in DC and the NYC Half Marathon right at home. Even if it was only a 5K. And it was nice to break up a 12 mile run. Liz and I did a 2 mile warm-up from the East Side of Central Park across to Riverside Park. We all know by now that I NEED to warm-up before a 5K; evidenced by the disaster that was the 5K on Roosevelt Island at the end of last year. Abby asked me a couple of days before if I planned on racing. I had no intention of racing this race. Or so I thought.

Thoughts from a 5K

I’m so happy Liz started with me.
Should I race it? Yeah let’s do this.
Running 7 more miles after this is going to suck.
Yup. I still hate that bitch of a hill in the beginning of this race.
The guy said this is the only hill this time. Just get up it and go.
Ah, I like this downhill.
Crap! Why are people running back up this downhill. I have to run back up this downhill? The guy said it was flat. Liar.
Half way done. You can do this.
Why are there so many rolling hills. Flat my ass.
Don’t puke!
Can I PR?

How does Abby think I can hold a 9:35 pace for 3 tempo miles on Tuesday?

How did Abby run 26.2 miles at a faster pace than this?
Maybe this can count as my tempo run and I can do an easy run Tuesday?
Wrong attitude Beth, don’t you want to PR in NJ?
Don’t puke!
Will these rolling hills ever end.
Just keep chasing Liz; don’t let her out of your sight.
What’s my pace?
I hate 5Ks.
I love 5Ks.
I hate 5Ks.

Maybe I need to talk to Meggie about how to race a 5K.

My new shoes feel great.
I love the pink laces in them.
Should I run the marathon?
I want a bagel.
5Ks are hard. Running fast is hard.
Mile 5 sign for the 10K. Cool 1.2 miles left to go!
Why is the girl so annoying? She slows down and when I try to go around her she speeds up then she slows down again. She goes left, she goes right. C’mon! Pick a side for crying out loud already.
Finally got around her.
Oh yeah there’s that bitch hill now I get to run down it.
Whoa! This is a huge hill to run down. Try and slow down. Nope, fly down it, but don’t fall on your face.
Okay final stretch. You can do this.
Can I PR?
I can see the finish line. FINALLY!
0.25 left to go. I can do anything for 1/4 mile.
Holy crap! I just saw the flash of a 7:xx on my watch.
Almost there.
Don’t puke!
Did I PR? Nope. Think I missed it by 8 or 9 seconds.
Hey Liz can’t talk to you gonna puke.
I hate 5Ks.
Holy crap! How in the world am I going to run another 7 miles. This was a dumb idea.

Official Finish Time: 29:04 (9:23 min/mile) and a 16 second PR!
I love 5Ks!

Final Thoughts
Next up: sub-29!
I’ve come a long way and learned a lot since that awful 33:24 5K back in December.

After the race, Liz and I did manage to run back to Central Park to finish up the rest of our long run. Let me be honest. Running 7 miles after racing a 5K is not so much fun. I think my legs were revolting from miles 5 through 8 or 9. Somehow after that they seemed to be able to pick it up. I’m not sure if I’m getting stronger, or I just really wanted to be done with my run at that point, but I managed to bang out a sub-10 minute last mile. Let’s just say, I ended that long run with a huge smile on my face.


Tell Me.

Do you ever break up a long run with a race in the middle?

Do you have crazy thoughts while racing or running?

Do you love or hate 5Ks?


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