On Lacking Motivation

I’m typically a pretty motivated person when it comes to fitness. I’m the kind of person who pops out of bed and gets to it; willingly. Jenny wrote a great post about two different kinds of people when it comes to feeling motivated. To quote my brilliant and witty friend, “There are two types of people in this world: those who ‘get up and go for a run’ and those who, well, don’t.” I pride myself on being the former.

This week, I have not felt like myself. This week I’ve felt anything but motivated. Why, you ask? Still unclear. Are the arctic cold temperatures in New York City this week to blame? Perhaps! I’m happy that training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile begins Monday and hoping it brings back my motivation along with it.

On another note, I’ve been inspired to get some abs. It’s NO secret that I hate working on my abs. I hate ab work unless I’m at a class or a trainer is making me engage those weak little muscles. As a result, I decided to join Megan’s #AbsByApril challenge! Each week she creates a new ab workout. This week it was Plank a Day!

Thanks for the photo, Megan!

Thanks for the photo, Megan!

During a week I have felt my all time laziest, I at least managed to squeeze in a couple of chilly runs.

Started off the week strong with a two county run then it all went downhill from there.

Started off the week strong with a two county run before it all went downhill.

6 mile "long run" in a beautiful Central Park

6 mile “long run” through a wintry Central Park!

Beautiful in all seasons!

Beautiful in all seasons!

Sunshine and a few East River, solo miles for the soul!

Sunshine and a few East River, solo miles for the soul!

I went to a spin class on, perhaps, the coldest day of the week. My adoration for a great instructor, and my desire to spend time with a friend I hadn’t seen in weeks, are the ONLY things that got me out of bed Wednesday morning and to a Flywheel class on the other side of the city.

And I did a plank EVERY DAY! I’m progressing pretty quickly and I’m actually excited for the next challenge. Me, excited for ab work? Crazy!

Monday: 1:02.9

Tuesday: 1:15.3

Wednesday: 1:20.3

Thursday: 1:33.3

Friday: 1:36.2

Saturday: Oops! No one is perfect.

Sunday: Finished Strong 1:44.9

Hopefully, between a week of rest laziness (c’mon sometimes you just need one, right? PLEASE, tell me I’m right) and feeling inspired to get some abs, I will wake up on Monday morning ready to tackle my training and feel 100% motivated once again! 10 mile PR, I’m coming for you!

Tell Me.

Do you ever find you are lacking motivation?

Do you feel more motivated while training?

Does the cold ever affect your motivation?

2 thoughts on “On Lacking Motivation

  1. I wonder if it’s just that time of year — I always struggle in late January and February. I prepare for it by telling myself that I always feel crappy during this part of winter, and to just keep doing what I’m doing and spring is right around the corner. I also indulge on a bunch of things for what I call “spring preparedness” (basically, I re-up on all my running and biking gear this time of year). Hang in there!

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