An Event to Remember

I was supposed to go visit a childhood friend on Saturday. Then I got an email from Chobani last Monday, inviting me to join them and, Olympic Silver medalist, Lashinda Demus for a workout at Physique 57. An invitation to workout with an incredible OLYMPIC athlete? With a company I love? At a studio I’ve been dying to try? Umm, yes please!


That little plan for a trip to the suburbs to visit my friend, her husband and her two kids went right out the window. I immediately RSVP’d, YES, before I even called my friend to cancel. Oops!

It was TOTALLY worth it! As if you didn’t see THAT coming. What an absolutely incredible afternoon. I actually think my legs were still quivering as I sat down to write this. I didn’t think this would fare well for the 5 mile race I had on deck for bright and early the next morning (recap of that to follow). Oh well, I definitely wouldn’t have traded in that workout, or that experience, for a faster race pace (hint, hint).

Alex was our instructor and she was, in a word, awesome. Her energy, excitement and infectious personality definitely helped distract me from the trembling of muscles I didn’t even know I had. At one point, I looked over at Amy and the look on her face was priceless and said it all. It expressed exactly what I was feeling in that moment. Ouch! What an amazing, total body workout at a beautiful studio. I will definitely be back!

After our killer workout!

After our killer workout, we listened, in awe, to Lashinda Demus share her incredibly inspiring story. Then, with rumbling stomachs and fuel-craving muscles, we all headed over to Chobani Soho to refuel, JUST like Olympic athletes! We were greeted by the fabulous Chobani Soho team and given samples of each of their delectable creations to try and decide which one we wanted to order.

Of course, Ashley and I tried ALL of them. We couldn’t possibly remember what they tasted like from our last adventure there over the summer. We couldn’t decide between sweet and savory, so we decided to share; the cucumber + olive oil and the fig + walnut.

Great choices! The pumpkin combination won me over, but Ashley wanted the fig + walnut so I compromised. I will definitely be attempting to make my own version of the pumpkin creation, VERY soon.

While we were enjoying our yogurt creations, we all got a chance to look at and HOLD Lashinda’s Olympic Silver medal.

Olympic Silver Medal London 2012

Olympic Silver Medal London 2012

WOW! I couldn’t believe how heavy it felt. She let us hold it, she let people try it on, and all the while she just hung out and let us all pass around her medal. I think the highlight was watching her talk to two small children and let them hold a real, Olympic medal. What a childhood dream come true. For them AND me!

Just a regular Saturday, hanging out with Lashinda Demus and her Olympic Silver medal

Just a regular Saturday, hanging out with Lashinda Demus and her Olympic Silver medal


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