For the Love of the Run

I ran 10 miles Saturday morning. Not because a training plan told me to. Not because I’m building up base mileage. Not because I ran a race. I ran 10 miles Saturday morning, simply for the love of the run. Well, that’s not ENTIRELY true. I did promise Kristine that I would do all her long runs with her until she takes Disney by storm when she runs the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on November 10th.

We were supposed to run 10 miles together Saturday morning, but this sweet dog kept her in Brooklyn for longer than expected.

source-@kymarie13 on Instagram

So, what’s a girl to do? I ran them anyway! In support of her and because there is no better place I’d rather be on a Saturday morning, in the fall, than in Central Park. It’s simply majestic AND because it’s marathon season, after all.

Fall in Central Park

More Fall in Central Park

Who wouldn’t want to be immersed in the spirit of the marathon, running alongside STRONG, determined and inspirational runners every where? Like this girl and this girl and this girl. So, today I ran 10 miles all for the love of the run and for my love of marathon season in New York.

The ING NYC Marathon bleachers are up, dressed in marathon orange. The marathon signs have also started going up and soon the finish line will be there, ready for 45,000+ runners to cross the threshold into a dream world where anything and everything is possible.

Bleachers in Marathon Orange

Soon to be NYCM Finish Line

Next weekend I will cheer my heart out for all of the inspiring people toeing the line at the ING NYC Marathon. Every year, for as long as I can remember, you can find me out on First Avenue cheering for the thousands of amazing people running the marathon. Traditionally, I go for a short run along the East River on marathon morning to fully immerse myself in the spirit of the day. This year, the excitement seems so much greater. Is it because I started racing myself this year? Maybe. Is it because I know SO MANY of these incredible runners this year (usually I know one or two)? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, this year I am over the top excited to get out there and cheer. Maybe it’s because I have an “official” cheering squad this year. In years past, I have just gone out there with a friend or alone to cheer. Earlier this week, Kim and I met for drinks to discuss our “race day” strategy. What did we come up with? Obviously, there will be neon signs, glitter and cowbells. Many, many cowbells!


After much consideration, and A LOT of help from MANY of our Twitter friends, next Sunday you will find us screaming for you on the left side of 90th and 1st and then on the left side of 100th and 5th.

I’m not exactly sure why this year feels so much more exciting. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first year I have seriously entertained the thought of running a marathon myself. Just in case, I’m volunteering at the New York City Marathon Expo this Friday and I have one more race on December 2nd and, thanks to the NYRR 9+1 program, there is a sweet little guaranteed spot for me in the ING NYC Marathon on November 3, 2013, IF I so choose to take it. Yes, I already know the date. DREAM BIG.

On a side note: My Poppy Sam would have turned 97 years old today! Happy 97th Birthday Poppy Sam. I still bake him cookies every year on his birthday. A tradition 21 years in the making.

Happy Birthday Poppy Sam


Tell Me.

Are you running the ING NYC Marathon next weekend?

What is your favorite sign you’ve seen during a half marathon or marathon?

Do you plan on cheering next Sunday at the marathon?

How many half marathons did you run before you ran a marathon?

How did you decide you were ready to run a marathon?

7 thoughts on “For the Love of the Run

  1. I enjoy the long runs even if I’m not training for anything in particular.. I think of it as prepping in case I decide to sign up for any last minute races! 🙂 I decided I want to go for the 2013 NYC marathon as well! I didn’t learn about the 9+1 program until after February, so I’ll probably take the charity route, but it definitely makes me more excited about this years race! I never realized just how much hard work goes into running a marathon until I started running myself! Crazy!

  2. We should have ran together! I also did a little over 10 miles too, just for FUN! It was really nice actually to run just for the heck of it, with no particular goal in mind. Plus the park is amazing this time of year 🙂

    • This weekend was PERFECT! The park is absolutely beautiful and filled with the spirit of the marathon. Would love to run together one day, but you’re speedy! Guess it would be good speedwork for me 😉

    • Thanks! It’s better to try and see what my body is made of than to never try at all. Even if I fail at first! It took me most of my life to figure that out. Better late than never, right?

  3. I’m volunteering at the finish line on Sunday as an Italian interpreter – I’m super excited to be at the finish line but I do wish I could cheer along the course too! I’m doing 9+1 next year for the 2014 marathon. I ran my first half marathon a month ago so I’m planning to have a few more under my belt before my first marathon. DEFINITELY go for the 2013 marathon, you can do it!!!

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