12 Thoughts from a 12 Mile Run

Today was my last longish. long run before the Newport Half Marathon in 2 weeks. Next week, my plan is to do a short, long run of only 6 or 8 miles. I can’t believe it’s here already! Last night I went to a party at my friend’s boyfriend’s apartment. After a long week at work, and with a 12 mile run on deck for today, I honestly wanted to just go home, foam roll, eat pizza, obsess over maps and my run and go to sleep early. I am so happy I went! I had a great time catching up with friends. I ate guacamole, chips and candy corn. Oh yeah, and MAYBE I had 3 glasses of champagne. Pre-long run fuel of champions?

Pre-long run fuel of champions? I think so.

NOT SMART! Or so I thought. It turns out, champagne and candy corn might be the key to my success. I had the BEST RUN today!

Thanks for the support Abby!

Of course, that’s AFTER I spent two hours in the bathroom before my stomach would let me leave for my run. Oops!

Some thoughts from my run today:

  1. I am carrying my handheld water bottle for the Newport Half. I filled it up once during my 12 mile run today and it was perfect.
  2. Thanks to #1, I DO NOT have to wear my SPIbelt on race day! WIN-WIN.
  3. I’m running the half in SHORTS!
  4. I have NOT successfully figured out everywhere I need Body Glide.
  5. Clif Shot Bloks no longer work for me. Mocha Clif Shot Gel on race day it is!
  6. I LOVE my new running shoes and they are the big winners for race day.
  7. BEST 12 MILE RUN EVER!!! Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, it may only have been my 3rd 12 mile run, but today was just one of those glorious runs that make you proud of yourself and smile and say “I can do this!
  8. My pacing was perfect today. Started out slowly and finished STRONG!
  9. NEGATIVE SPLIT today’s run!!! Enough said.
  10. If I can replicate today on race day, I WILL PR!
  11. No matter what race day brings, I will have faith, be grateful and be proud of myself.
  12. NOW I’m finally excited for the Newport Half Marathon.

T-MINUS 15 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!

Tell Me.

How was your long run today?

Who else is getting excited for the NYC Marathon? I will be cheering, WITH COW BELLS, on 1stAvenue.

So excited to be a NYC Marathon Cheerleader!

What do you think about when you run?


5 thoughts on “12 Thoughts from a 12 Mile Run

  1. Thats awesome girl!! I love your half marathon plan by the way, you are totally going to rock that race! YAY for negative splits.. I still haven’t mastered that consistently but its getting better in general.

    I had chicken and broccoli before my 12 mile run today, probably not doing that again haha. Maybe I need to try candy corn. I’m craving it now 🙂

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