Thoughts Before My First 10 Mile Race

I recently wrote about running with purpose. Tomorrow I will run the Bronx 10-Miler. Tomorrow is also the day that my Poppy George would have turned 96 years old. Tomorrow I will run in memory of my beloved grandfather and try to make him (and myself) proud.

Isn’t he handsome?

I admit that I am a bit nervous for this race. You must be asking yourself, Beth, you’ve run a half marathon before, and you’re running another one in just 5 short weeks, why are you nervous? Trust me, I have been asking myself that very question. But I still find myself sitting here, the night before the race, with butterflies. I think I’m more excited than nervous. Does anyone else get excited and a little nervous before a race? I have never raced the 10 mile distance. I shouldn’t be nervous, right? Automatic PR! Yet I am. As I sit here hydrating, getting ready to shower, foam roll and get into bed, I also can’t help but feel grateful. Grateful that I get to show up to another starting line, when so many others cannot. I will be grateful tomorrow, no matter what race day brings. It is the kind of gratefulness and presence I seem to continue to head into a big race with. I felt this way the night before the NYC Half Marathon. Be grateful, no matter what the outcome. Have faith in yourself and trust G-d. Believe in yourself!

My Poppy used to call me #1. My grandmother always pretended it was because I was the first born grandchild, but I always knew it wasn’t. He never pretended. I miss my grandfather very much and tomorrow I will run to make him proud and to honor the incredible man he was. I will run to make myself proud too. Proud for feeling nervous about something and going after it anyway. It wasn’t always this way. I used to fear things and run in the other direction. Tomorrow I will have the courage to show up to the starting line.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

― John Bingham

Tell Me.

What do you think about the night before a race?

Do you get excited or nervous the night before a race? Or both?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts Before My First 10 Mile Race

  1. You made me tear up…

    I am nervous, but usually more excited. I think the emotions merge. Remember you’re running for love, for your grandpa…for a million reason, non of which are “because you HAVE to.” So enjoy it.

  2. What I’m going to eat afterward! But seriously, mostly I think about consciously telling myself to shut up. Trust your body always. (As I know you did on race day.) Your mind does nothing for you the day before the race, except keep you from a sound night of sleep.

    • That’s good advice, tell myself to shut up! I will remember that come half marathon race day. I think this was the first race where I really did trust my body and tried to shut my mind off. And yes, sadly, my mind ALWAYS keeps me from a sound night sleep the night before a race.

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