Lessons Learned from a 12 Mile Run

Lesson #1: First and foremost, now that I run in shorts, I learned EXACTLY where I need Body Glide for a 12 mile run. I haven’t had any issues with chafing, until Saturday. Ouch! Lesson #1 learned. Use Body Glide.

Lesson #2: You can underestimate yourself and doubt yourself and your body will follow. Or, you can have faith and believe in yourself and, again, your body will follow. On Saturday, I believed in myself and it is amazing how much better a long run goes when I do. With 6 weeks still to go before the Newport Half Marathon, I successfully completed my first 12 mile run since March. It was incredible! Start to almost finish. Except for that one mile that was completely uphill. For a WHOLE mile. My brother warned me and I was all “I can do it!” Well , yes I could, but it was a serious fight. Needless to say it was my SLOWEST mile. I found it a challenge to hold an 11:00 min /mile pace for that mile. Lesson #2 learned. Believe in Yourself.

Lesson #3: I am now completely dependent on my handheld water bottle (Thanks Katherine). The NFL Back to Football Run taught me I NEED my own water, even for a 4 mile race now. Luckily for me, there were plenty of places along my 12 mile route this weekend to refill my water bottle. Many thanks to David’s Bagels and Bagel Boys of West Nyack, NY for graciously refilling my bottle with ice and water and to my dear friend for one last refill at mile 7. Lesson #3 learned. Must figure out how to do this on race day. Suggestions?

Lesson #4: Now that I run in shorts and carry a handheld (see lesson #3 above), I don’t have to wear my SPIbelt for most of my runs. Let me be honest, I know many people LOVE it, I just don’t. However, the pocket in my shorts and the one in my water bottle are NOT enough to carry all I need on race day. Lesson #4 learned. I’m going to have to wear my SPIbelt on race day.

Lesson #5: I perform better using CLIF SHOT Gel in Mocha as my fuel source. However, I find it MUCH easier to fuel and run at the same time using the CLIF SHOT Bloks. I used Black Cherry SHOT Bloks for fuel during the NYC Half Marathon. Lesson #5 learned. Must figure out how to run AND use Gel BEFORE race day. Suggestions?

Lesson #6: I need a pedicure. Badly. Lesson #5 learned. No further explanation necessary.

Tell Me.

What’s your favorite race day fuel?

For those that use gels, what is your secret to running and gel-ing at the same time?

What do you use to carry all you need on race day? Fuel belt? SPIbelt? Apparel with many pockets?

Do you carry your own water for a half marathon? How would you refill a handheld water bottle on race day?


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from a 12 Mile Run

  1. Well OBVIOUSLY Clif mocha gel shots are my favorite race day fuel. I like the shot blocs too, but they don’t seem to actually fill me up and I get tired of chewing. When you get to 13+ training runs I recommend raisins and more “real” type foods because too much gel may not sit well (or doesn’t for me at least!).

    I carry my gels in my pants pockets. Another option is you can safety pin them. I’m not sure if there’s really a magical way to eat them while running, I just bite open the top of the gel (usually comes off easy) and eat/drink it. I can show you on Sunday!

    …and I again obviously carry a water bottle on every race! Once fall rolls around you may find you’re not as dependent on the water bottle though, it’s a lot easier to go a little longer without water when it’s not 100% humidity. For a half I have used my fuel belt with 2-4 water bottles (depending on the heat) and always fill at least one with vitamin water zero. The non-water liquid will help you not feel as depleted. I think you should be fine with your hand bottle, though. It will also be cooler by October (fingers crossed!). My advice is not to refill your bottle, but just slow down and pick up the cups once you run out of your bottle — the later stations aren’t usually as congested.

  2. Nice post! We didn’t overlap on any of the same lessons — we’re such original bloggers!

    I have never tried an energy gel before. I actually think I’m going to try to avoid if it I can. My stomach is a rollercoaster enough on its own. I have also never chafed … am I doing it wrong?

    Might take your tip to carry a handheld water bottle from now on. I forget to do this.

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