Running in Shorts: A New Adventure

And then she ran. In SHORTS!

I’ve learned to embrace my body. Not let it hold me back anymore. I’ve learned to enjoy and experience life, while being a “work in progress.” This is HUGE. Years ago, I was one of those people who constantly believed life would begin 15 pounds from now. While I’ve worked very hard to silence that mentality and those thoughts, and live my life, not letting fear hold me back, there is nothing like shopping for shorts to really test how far you’ve come.

I’ve spend the past two summers running in capris, yes capris – ALL SUMMER! With the heat, humidity and weekly oppressive heat waves this summer getting the best of me and my runs, I realized (with a little help, nudging and encouragement from Abby, Melissa, and Katherine) that the time had finally come to EMBRACE THE LEGS, free them from these temperatures, and finally run in shorts!

I tried on, what felt like, 100 pairs of shorts and nothing seemed to fit these legs. I tried on long shorts, short shorts, running skirts. Nothing seemed to fit perfectly. I wanted to cry. I settled for two pairs of Nike shorts, neon pink and plain, old black, and headed home. Once I got home, I did a fashion show for my dad and brother. Yup! My dad and brother. They were definitely good sports and tried not to laugh at me. You should have seen the look I got and heard the commentary, from my brother, regarding the running skirt. That got returned. I got the thumbs up on the Nike shorts and was ready to try my first run in them.

My first run in SHORTS! 5 miles around and over the Queensboro Bridge. It was MUCH cooler, but let’s just say, to those girls out there that get me, I didn’t use Body Glide. BIG mistake. HUGE. (a little Pretty Woman reference anyone?). This lesson I learned less than 2 miles in. I imagine the people running and biking towards me got quite a show as the shorts continued to ride up as well. After many tweets back and forth with Kristin, I realized that perhaps tighter shorts would be better. And so I continued with the ongoing quest for the “perfect” shorts.

This past weekend I bought yet ANOTHER pair of shorts. The tighter kind. You know, what we used to call “biker shorts” back in high school. What do they call them now? Anyway, I began my run yesterday, which I didn’t have high hopes for since my stomach forced me to wait until after 9AM to get started. Thank goodness for the cloud cover. They moved around a little bit in the beginning, but just as I began to hit my stride, so did the shorts. It was the BEST training run I’ve had in weeks. Was it the shorts? Who knows. I could not believe how great this run was. I ran 3.5 miles with a 9:34 average mile pace. I haven’t seen a 9:34 average mile pace since APRIL. Yes, you heard me right! APRIL. This run gave me the confidence I have been looking for and made me realize that I CAN DO THIS! I CAN run the Newport Half Marathon. My wise friends reminded me that I have done this before and, of course, I can do it again. It is truly amazing what is possible when you believe in YOURSELF.

I bought these shorts at the Gap. The Gap calls them the “marathon short.” I call them the best run in weeks, speed shorts from heaven, which I tweeted to Kristin after, of course, sending her a picture of what I called “the winner!”

I now feel like I might be that girl who runs in shorts until November!

Do you run in shorts?

What are your favorite shorts to run in?

Did you ever doubt yourself when training for a race? How did you silence those thoughts and get past the self-doubt?


13 thoughts on “Running in Shorts: A New Adventure

  1. I started running in longer-than-knee shorts, but now run in shorter shorts and it’s much better, apart from no zip on the pockets. I have an arm band thing, which I think makes me look a bit of a poser!

  2. Looking good rocking those shorts Ms. Beth! The tan lines shorts give are slightly obnoxious though! I have a pair of shorts that are tight inside like your gap ones but outside look like your Nike ones. Best of both worlds! Oh yes, body glide; all hail the mighty body glide!

  3. Eeeek soooo excited for you & the new blog, I love it!

    I run shorter distances in the Nike Pacer running shorts. I recently did 10 in a pair and it wasn’t my favorite run – wayy too much adjusting. But I just splurged on a pair of Lululemon running shorts (Dart & Dash) per a request from one of my readers that are more form-fitting. Haven’t ran in them yet but hopefully they’re a winner! Will definitely need to look into the ones you got from the Gap though. They look PERFECT!

    • I LOVE the Gap ones. You MUST try them. They rode up a little during the first mile, but then they were PERFECT!!! I think I may buy like 5 more pairs 🙂 Keep me posted on how you like the Lululemon ones.

  4. Yea for shorts! This quest was the perfect ice bath read for me! 😉 shorts are very tricky I just purchased my 3rd and 4th pair this summer bc I dilont love the new balance ones that fit well in the store but ride up when running.

  5. I am very self-conscious about my legs as well and the whole time we lived in FL I refused to wear shorts unless I was running… 🙂 There were some days when I thought I was going to pass out from the heat as I wore jeans, ha. Try Oiselle, I love love love their gear and their shorts are so comfortable and flattering!

  6. I live in Texas, so I alwayyyyys run in shorts. In NYC I would run in shorts if it was >40 degrees!
    Right now I really like Nike tempos because they fit well and aren’t too short. I only hate that shorts with good pockets are so hard to find!

    • The Gap ones have one zip pocket in the back, but I haven’t tried it yet. Will keep you posted about how good it is. I think >40 degrees is a good reference for wearing shorts and I am sure I will be the girl wearing them until then now too.

  7. I effing love running in shorts now! I was seriously in the same boat for years. Unless I had to run in shorts (high school sports), then you’d find me in body-concealing capris, convincing people that I just didn’t mind the heat. Then I realized it was time to man up, embrace my legs, and run in shorts! Body Glide is my BFF now, but I’m really partial to running in spandex shorts. I like Under Armor ones, and I have a pair of lululemon Groove Shorts that I should buy a 2nd pair of because I wear them all the time.

    Let’s hang and run in shorts together soon!!

    • YES! Let’s hang and run in shorts SOOOOON! I must say this pair from the Gap may have changed my running life. Now I’m all for embracing the legs. I will have to try the Under Armour and Lululemon Groove Shorts because I’m pretty sure it’s gross to wear the same running shorts on all my runs 🙂

  8. “Big mistake. HUGE.” Favorite line in that movie.

    My absolute favorite running shorts are my Moving Comfort orange/gray ones from JackRabbit. They weren’t cheap, but with the generous back pocket and the number of workouts I’ve had in them this summer, they’ve paid for themselves. The Lululemon “speed short” has been on my to-buy list for months; I’ve heard great things about them! I also just bought a magenta Nike running skirt that was on sale at Sports Authority, also because they had a pocket (seriously why is it so hard to make a cheap pair of FILAs with a zipper?!) I feel a little silly in it, but so far so good.

    Lately I’ve been running in shorts and a sports bra even though I’m self-conscious about my stomach. I found that after a mile or two I didn’t care anymore and I’d much rather be comfortable than hot and worrying what people think about me! Any less clothing than that though and I think I’d get a public indecency arrest…

    I’m glad your motivation is back! You’re going to have an incredible / beautiful (jealous) race in Newport!

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