Welcome to Once in a Mile: Where I’ll Share My Adventures Once in a While

Hi, I’m Beth! Welcome to Once in a Mile, where I’ll share my adventures, Once in a While.  Here are 18 things to help you get to know me. Kind of like 20 questions, except no questions and there are only 18. You get it.

I was very overweight in high school. Yet, I somehow had the courage and confidence to be a cheerleader. I have lost 50 pounds since and still struggle back and forth with it.

I have been a pharmacist for 9 years.

I love penguins and ladybugs. My mom called me her little penguin when I was born and my Poppy called my paparoosa, which means ladybug in Romanian.

I don’t like peas, corn or mushrooms.

I am right-handed but eat lefty.

Fall is my favorite season, especially when everyone is training for the NYC Marathon.

I love Central Park in early spring.

I registered for my first half marathon after only running a 5K charity race.

Even though I have been running for years, my first real race was the Joe Kleinerman 10K in January of 2012. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I only started running with a Garmin in 2012 and have become WAY too dependent on it.

I think all races should be celebrated with champagne.

This summer was the first time I have ever run in shorts. EVER.

I believe in signs and numbers and things that are meant to be. I saw this in Central Park during a training run for my first half marathon.

Some days I wish I was a faster runner; some days I love just running and don’t care.

I don’t look cute in race photos. EVER. But according to Seriously Ugly Race Pics, “if you look good, you’re not working hard enough.” I am, apparently, ALWAYS working hard enough.

My exact thoughts after crossing the finish line of the NYC Half Marathon 2012: WOW! What else am I capable of? Maybe I CAN run a marathon and OMG! How do people do this twice? I am doing the 9+1 NYRR program this year, just in case!

Caution: I can be a HUGE cheese ball. I am extremely grateful for all that running has brought to my life in 2012. Courage, strength, inspiration, determination and incredible new friends.

I have wavered back and forth about publishing this blog. There isn’t a real focus to it. I love to write and I’ve been so inspired by so many other blogs and thought I would join this amazing community. DEEP BREATH! Here goes nothing. I hope you come along for the ride.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Once in a Mile: Where I’ll Share My Adventures Once in a While

  1. Like your blog etc my nephew lives in NYC and Tom he is going to be riding his bike as the streets are closed. Keep up the running glad u enjoy it to me it’s about consistency not how fast I am

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